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September 02 2017



dpi stands for dobby pussy indulgence so jot that down

as you can see the more dobbys pussy is indulged, the better

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Look what you made me Scooby Dooby Doo


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People who are attracted to Junkrat are the same people who are attracted to Murdoc and Rick Sanchez.

September 01 2017

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August 31 2017


I need to stop getting on scottish twitter cuz i be wanting to laugh mad hard in class

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August 30 2017

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thank you, tumblr advertising

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been dead for 226 slutty, slutty years….

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some baby mermaids!

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are you not entertained? is this not why you are here?

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Cows in Flowers

When your mom makes food and she’s like “who’s hungry!”

You're telling me, a chicken fried this rice



Okay, you need to make sure you play this game at some point. Maybe not today or anything, because you’ll need about thirty minutes and a serious willingness to understand how it works, but - it’s so worth it. It’s basically an answer to our occasional frustration - why do assholes always come out on top? - and the beautiful thing about it is that not only does it explain how that happens, but also how we can change it.

“In the short run, the game defines the players. But in the long run, it’s us players who define the game.”

This is fascinating if you’re into math or sociology or computer programming or all of the above.

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August 29 2017


does anyone else randomly think about that show Kyle XY, ive very literally never watched an episode but like the only thing i remember is that he didnt have a belly button, and like thats it, thats all i know but thats all i randomly think about….at like random intervals during the year

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what are these “shower thoughts” everybody’s talking about, i dont think about anything in the shower, my mind is completely blank as i douse my body in scalding hot water and stare at a wall

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