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May 20 2018


I know you’re tired bitch but keep fucking going

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1968 Presidential Campaign Button


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May 19 2018

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May 18 2018



I grew up in a poly household. My mother was married to two men who loved her dearly and they were the best of friends. I use past tense due to the fact that one of my fathers passed away a few years back.

I grew up in one of the most stable, loving households I can imagine. I had tons of support from all three of my parents, I never felt alone, and I never felt confused about my parents relationship.

Were other people confused when I told them about my parents? Sure. Did it take some time for them to understand my parents relationship? Yep. And the reaction I got every single time from other kids once they understood? “That’s so awesome!”

Growing up in a poly house did not hurt me, confuse me, or make my life difficult. It sure as hell wasn’t abusive.

Healthy poly relationships do not hurt children.

I really want some more recognition for poly relationships. This is a lovely post and a step in the right direction. Couples consisting of two people can be dysfunctional. It’s not just poly relationships.

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momma didnt raise a quitter but she did raise a fool and it turns out those two things are a terrible combination

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Harley & Ivy

This is why I love them!

Harley is an abuse survivor of course she’d wreck this dude!!!

Can I just say how much I love the implications here?

Harley and Ivy are known public figures. People know who they are, and recognize them. And this kid knows that, despite being violent criminals, they’re safe enough to go to for protection.

Ivy is dead certain that the Batfamily will be okay with them intervening to protect a kid. That has some intersting implications - either she knows damn well where the lines lie and that this is overriding enough to get her a pass, or (more likely, given the first bit) this has come up before.

one of my favorite tropes is villains acting heroically not because the other villain is a threat to them or because it benefits them, but because they have standards

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Tag yourself, I’m McCree.

May 17 2018

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May 16 2018

My Grandma the Poisoner


But here’s the thing: You don’t want to believe your grandmother is poisoning you. You know that she loves you—there’s no doubt of that—and she’s so marvelously grandmotherly and charming. And you know that she would never want to poison you. So despite your better judgment, you eat the food until you’ve passed out so many times that you can’t keep doubting yourself. Eventually, we would arrive for holidays at Grandma’s with groceries and takeout, and she’d seem relieved that we wouldn’t let her touch our plates. By then, her eyesight was starting to go, so she wouldn’t notice the layer of crystalline powder atop that fancy lox she was giving you.

this is one of my favourite-ever personal essays for sheer unadulterated horror and if you haven’t read it yet… highly recced

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Hi. It’s been a while again and I haven’t drawn much for various reasons, but here’s a few Pokémon “AU” pictures. It’s a style I like to try to out sometimes, even if ten characters in a row got a bit too much in the end.

Anyway, I decided to make all (or at least most) of my black female characters as trainers. Two Teges, too. She’s had a character arch I’m pretty proud of, and would start off as one of those low-level gym leaders in Nanalan city who eventually ends up in the elite four because there’s no chill and she was out of Samado badges. I had another sketch for Saffran as well, but didn’t finish it. Kotoye’s a film director and Tulie is so stronk.

You dont know HOW disappointed I was to read these weren’t official trainers

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from the episode “the one where bob comes out as bi” 

May 15 2018

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what if instead of gender we all had pokemon types

Tag urself im fairy and/or fairy/electric


deer are horse if they were twinks

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